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We offer two types of franchises and every certified instructor is a franchisee.

Here are your options:


Instructor Franchisee:
You want to teach, and do not want to run the business side of things. Instead, you prefer to shake it on the stage and teach for a Class Owner Franchisee.

Class Owner Franchisee:
You look forward to being the boss you were meant to be by making business decisions and creating your own Jazzercise small business. You got this!


Once you’ve decided the type of instructor franchisee that best suits what you’re looking for, here’s a breakdown of all the benefits and costs:

Details & Perks Breakdown

Class Owner
New Franchisee Virtual Training, including mentoring and follow up
Fresh choreography (approx. 150 routines/year) delivered digitally
Access to entire online routine choreography database
Use of name, social media guide + brand, ad and promotional images
Digital access to our network of franchisees worldwide
Global Livestream
Jazzercise On Demand discount
Jazzercise Apparel discount
Virtual training through staff exercise physiologist
Franchise support through Franchise Customer Support team
Sales Manager to serve as your personal business consultant
Rebate program (as available for franchisee owners meeting rebate status)

What does it cost?

Class Owner
One-time Initial Franchise Fee $1,250 (may be made in two payments)
General Liability Insurance (available through Jazzercise, approximately $275/year)
Equipment and music (microphone, device to play music), costs vary
Annual Associate Franchise Fee ($120)
Monthly Continuing Franchise Fee (20% of gross or $250 minimum)
Music Royalty Fees (averages $169-$325/year, varies by class size)
Facility expenses: Rent, sound system, stage, equipment, advertising & promotional materials, business supplies, phone, internet, computer

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